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Watch the Brand New Official HD Music Video for "The Horror Show"
June 24, 2015
We collaborated with the horror masters over at Joe Wheeler Films to bring you this ultra-gritty, grindhouse-like music video for "The Horror Show." Click the video above to watch or click here for an external link.

WARNING: Those with Photosensitive Epilepsy should avoid watching this video. Lots of flashing lots and vivid colors.

"The Horror Show" appears on the Oddities and Obscenities album by A Fallen Mind, in stores now.
Oddities and Obscenities is Now in Stores
Sept. 01, 2015
Listen for free on:
Our Demon Needs an M.R.I. Brain Scan :(
Aug 24, 2015
  Hey guys. Bryce here. I am the proud owner of this little guy, whom we named Demon. He's been with our family for several years now and he always brings a smile to everyone's face when they meet him. Recently Demon had to go to the emergency hospital for seizures. We don't know how long he's been having them, but they have become a nightmare for him now. He lays in bed, or on the floor, crying. Disoriented. Not sure what to do. His back legs don't work as well as they used to after his recent episode and he becomes confused easily now. He's hanging in there the best he can, but we don't know for how much longer.

The doctor said that Demon is having seizures due to lesions in his brain. In order to give him the proper care that he needs, we need to have an MRI brain scan done. But it's $2000. We can't even come close to affording that and it shatters our family that he may pass away at any given time because we don't know what's going on in his head.

Please, I'm asking from everything that is in me, please help us get the medical care that he needs. All donations will go towards the MRI scan and caring for Demon once we find out what is causing his seizures, even if we reach above our goal. Will you please help?
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The Oddities and Obscenities CD Layout
July 25, 2015
What do you get when you order the physical CD of Oddities and Obscenities? All of this, baby, and a bad ass monster load of songs!

The Oddities and Obscenities physical CD will be on Amazon shortly after September 1st. We will post an update on our mailing list, on Facebook, and right here on our website when they are in stock.

Stay tuned!
Kit Sivyer remixes "Tits and Gasoline"Kit Sivyer remixes "Tits and Gasoline"
July 21, 2015
Check out this hardcore re-imagining of "Tits and Gasoline" via the magic skillz of Kit Sivyer. Check out more of Kit's work here

"Tits and Gasoline" will appear on the Oddities and Obscenities album, due in stores September 1st. Pre-order now on iTunes or Google Play.
Watch the Brand New UN-Official Music Video for "Tits and Gasoline"
June 24, 2015
We gathered together some of our favorite animated GIFs from across the net and shoved 'em up inside a stupid video. We own none of this crap except for the overlays, the song, and our undying love for funny shit. Share this video if you enjoy it (click here for an external link.)

"Tits and Gasoline" appears on the Oddities and Obscenities album by A Fallen Mind, which hits stores September 1st, 2015. Pre-ordering starts June 14th. Pre-order to get the song "Leather Heart" immediately.
Watch the Brand New Music Video "Leather Heart" and Check Out the Bloopers
June 19, 2015
Watch the brand new music video for our new ballad "Leather Heart" off of the Oddities and Obscenities album (due out Sept. 1, 2015)
Pre-order Oddities now and get "Leather Heart" immediately.
Making a music video can be hard work, but we're not serious all the time.
Check out some of the funnier moments that were caught on camera during the taping of the romantic scene in "Leather Heart." 
Oddities and Obscenities Due Out September 1st. Pre-Order Now.
June 14, 2015
  The highly anticipated third album Oddities and Obscenities by A Fallen Mind is finally coming to stores on September 1st.

** When you pre-order the
Oddities album, you will get the song Leather Heart as an immediate download. There is also a preview player on our music page if you want to listen to some of the songs before buying.

Are You a Blogger? Do you review albums or give interviews? Contact us!
June 11, 2015
Even though we have fans all across the world, we still are an unsigned, underground band. Help us get the word out about A Fallen Mind. If you have a blog, run a website where you interview/review bands, or anything along those lines, contact us and we'll work with you. Be sure to include your website address, name, and email. 
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